It’s What’s Inside That Counts — Part Two

rose-quartz pink skirt

A superior quality garment excels on three measures: the fabric, the cut and in the standard of finishes. The quality of the fabric and cut are the obvious aspects one can quickly ascertain. How an item is finished requires the shopper to spend a bit more time looking at the seams and inside the garment.  Distinction is in the details. At Senza Tempo no detail is ever overlooked.

The extra steps to ensure a high-quality finish often aren’t visible consumer. Facings are used inside of armholes, necklines, collars and cuffs to provide support and help give the garment a clean finish. Interfacings are used to provide an extra layer of support and prevent the fabric from puckering, and are completely hidden from the wearer. Hems finished with a bias binding or covered in lace not only look beautiful, but also help shape or weight the clothing. Invisible zippers and blind hems are other marks of quality construction, and standard on all Senza Tempo garments.

How to assess the quality of a garment
Check the fabric content and weight.  Are they natural fabrics or synthetic?
Is the self fabric used to provide additional support at the cuffs, armholes and neckline?
Is the garment even lined?


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