Just Add Red

new year's style

When you are in need of a dose of instant chic – just add red.  History is on our side when it comes to this advice.  Four hundred years ago, red was the color of power in France and frequently worn by Louis XIV.  Red was chic, flashy and expensive.  It was as expensive as gold until synthetic dyes were invented, but it’s never lost its allure and cache.  Today, in the Indian culture brides wear red, and in China it’s a symbol of good luck.

Some would even argue that red shoes or a red purse is just as neutral as black or camel.  From Dorothy’s ruby shoes, to red-soled Christian Louboutin’s to countless Hollywood stars who would never be caught without red lips or red nails —that pop of scarlet is all you need.

Our favorite reds for every season.

Winter —

OPI’s Midnight in Moscow

Spring —

OPI’s An Affair In Red Square

Summer —

Essie’s Fifth Avenue

Fall —

 Chanel’s Pirate


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