What Is Heritage?

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“Make a better future by developing elements from the past.”

— Goeth

Heritage is about the threads that link the past and future. A heritage brand is more than its history and longevity. It’s about a commitment to values of quality and craftsmanship. It’s this commitment contributes to their longevity. We’re a young brand, but one with nostalgia for the past — when making quality clothing was the standard not the exception. Too often today, quality clothing is reserved for the top end of the market.

Quality starts with the people who make the garment. Quality garments require skills and expertise, which can’t be acquired in a short amount of time. Our patterns are created by hand and by artisans with over twenty years of experience. Quality is also about the details. Most of our items are feature blind hems finished by hand. Interfacings, a detail the consumer never sees, support fabric from the inside and keep our hems, armholes and necklines from puckering over time.  Vintage garments are typically better made, but also feature interesting design details that are both beautiful and functional.

Heritage isn’t about the age of the brand, it’s about a commitment to creating a product that will last and stand the test of time. We as consumers turn to them because we know what to expect and know that their values haven’t changed over time. Senza Tempo means timeless in Italian. Every garment we make lives up to that name.

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