How To Dress Like America’s Sweetheart

red dress with elegant neckline

She was the original American Sweetheart and girl next door. Most people remember her sparkling smile and perfectly coifed hair before they remember her clothing. But Hollywood icon Doris Day had a style was as elegant as it was bold. Her outfits often look as relevant today as they did back then by focusing on the details and simplifying your wardrobe.

Keep the focus on your neckline

An unassuming outfit can become a fashion statement with the smallest of details. Doris Day was often seen wearing dresses and tops with structured or unusual necklines.  It was a way to stand out without having to try too hard.  Some of our pieces like our Jackie or Audrey take a page from her book; incorporating dramatic cuts draw attention to your shoulders and collarbones, and take a garment from simple to tastefully sexy.

Coordinate your colors

When was the last time you put on an outfit consisting of only one or two colors? Not a neutral like black or navy and a color, but two bold colors like pink and red or purple and green. Color blocking is bold (we’re big fans of wearing color as a neutral) and not nearly as risky a fashion choice as you’d think: almost any combination will work so long as they are in the same general color scheme or complimentary colors.

Pick a signature color

Doris often wore white as that not only looked stunning on her, but it best portrayed the type of character she played. Our clothes are the first impression we make before we ever speak a word. Science has shown that wearing red intimidate opponents that wearing red heightens ones perception of dominance. Regardless of what color you pick and why, choosing a signature color (or coordinating colors) will help you trim your wardrobe without effort. You won’t be tempted by that aubergine shirt you’ll never wear because it doesn’t go with anything you own.



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