The Hardest Working Heiress

Gloria Vanderbilt inspiration

Though she could have lived a life of leisure as an heiress to the Vanderbilt fortune, Gloria Vanderbilt is an author, model, actress, artist though best remembered as a fashion designer.  Raised by her aunt, who founded the Whitney Museum of American Art, Gloria Vanderbilt’s roots in design started as a fine artist.  She was a pioneer in the fashion industry, arguably producing the first high-end denim line.  Her jeans were an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe by the 1970’s.  She raised her sons as a single mother, and made and lost her fortune over her long career.  Though her strong work ethic, persistent grit and undying optimism (even in the face of tragedy at times) are her most admirable traits, her classic style cannot be overlooked.

  1. Always embrace your shape.  Her jeans were known for how they accentuated a woman’s curves and brought out the best features of women of any shape.
  2. Clothing with clean lines in timeless silhouettes is like a blank canvas because statement jewelry is your outfit sometimes.
  3. Rich tones or unique textures can elevate a simple item.
  4. Layering is how to achieve your unique style — in your wardrobe or home.


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