Rear Window Shopping List

how to dress like grace kelly

Over sixty years have passed since Rear Window was released, yet like so many other Hitchcock films, it still inspires fashionistas around the globe.   Some watch Hitchcock films as much for the fashion as they do for the mystery, Rear Window is no exception.  The movie is a veritable fashion show, yet Grace Kelly’s character still manages to have an overnight bag (a Marc Cross still available today) that is smaller than most of our purses today.  Here’s a short shopping list on how to get Grace Kelly’s iconic style in this classic film:  

  1. Black and white anything always looks chic.
  2. Ensembles are a retro yet modern alternative to wearing a suit.
  3. Statement jewelry IS your outfit, thus keep everything else simple.
  4. Invest in a pair of silk pajamas — because why not.
  5. Pearls aren’t as conservative a choice when paired with the right outfit like the black and white ball gown with its deep V neck.


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