Why We Sell Direct To Our Clients

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Selling direct to our clients eliminates the middle man, thus MULTIPLE levels of additional markup.  We sell direct in order to provide the best value to our clients at the outset.  We don’t have seasonal collections and we don’t have seasonal sales.

In a former life, I was a foreign exchange sales-trader at various major Wall Street banks.  I didn’t have a background in retail, other than as a consumer.  When I had the idea for Senza Tempo and was researching the industry I assumed I would wholesale the product (and spent more hours than I care to think about learning about what that entailed).  It was a project in the last semester of my MBA that made me realize why the direct to consumer model was the only way to go.  It’s the only the only way we can provide the best value to our clients.

Instead of artificially inflating our prices and then offering promotions so that our customers can feel like they are getting a great deal, we eliminate this


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