Dressing For an Evening Wedding in July

dresses for a wedding

Getting an invitation for a formal wedding that will be outside in July or August can seem like a cruel joke. But it happens. Here are a few tips to help you look your best when the temperatures sizzle.

  1. Black is your friend.  No really — hear us out.  Black hides everything.  Why do you think New Yorkers wear so much black?  The city is filthy and if you are walking around it hides all that dust, dirt, sweat and grime.  While I can hear my grandmother cringing at this suggestion — traditions run strong in the South and wearing black to a wedding is definitely one many still abide by these days.  This is one of those fashion rules that’s OK to break no matter what your grandmother says.
  2. Just say no to anything polyester or any synthetic fabrics.  Most synthetic fabrics are effectively plastic or derivatives of plastic.  Yes, that’s right plastic.  You might as well just wear a trash bag because it’s going to be just as comfortable and have the same moisture wicking capabilities.  We’ve written extensively on why we use silk linings in our garments.  It’s not just about luxury — it’s practical.  You can read more on this here.
  3. Gauzy dresses or skirts that are double (or triple) lined are a good option depending on your style.  A thin cotton or silk that is made with two or three layers of fabric have a fabulous bohemian ethereal look and is a remarkably easy way to stay cool in the heat.
  4. Choose a style that is either loose (like the look we are suggesting in point #3) or that has structure and stands away from your body like our Lawson Cocktail, the Carmel or our Diana skirts.

Stay cool and stay chic this summer.

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