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We’ve all been there. Sometimes a piece of clothing was an impulsive purchase, a great deal we couldn’t pass up or just something we couldn’t’ resist. And when we wear it we wonder, “how on earth did they decide to produce this, did no one actually try this on?” And so the item gets relegated to the graveyard of bad purchases in back of your closet to eventually be donated or discarded.

The first rule of dressing for success: comfort = confidence

Maybe the item bunches or gapes in all the wrong places, or is simply really uncomfortable for a any number of reasons. You can’t look and feel your best when either of these are happening with your clothing.

When I started whittling down my closet many years ago, I noticed that my wardrobe (especially what I wore to work) fell into two categories: things I wore all the time and things I wore on occasion. When I launched Senza Tempo, I wanted to make clothing that fell into the former category. In order to do so, I had to not only try everything on, but to live in the items before we produce them.

I run to catch taxis and sit in an office or conferences for hours on end to test how comfortable each garment is. The Brigitte kept me comfortable when I spent 14 hours at a conference, and then ended the day with a long, late night visit to the emergency vet for my Shih-Tzu, Rocky.  Dressing to make you feel better took on a whole new meaning that night.  The garments are packed for trips to see how easy it is to steam out suitcase or garment bag wrinkles once I arrive at my destination.

I truly live in the garments as opposed to simply having a fit model try them on for a few minutes before moving onto the next style. If you are wondering how a Senza Tempo will wear over a long day, just shoot me a email or post a note to us on social media and ask.

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