Fashion’s Leading Lady – Grace Kelly

retro style black dresses

Understated. Feminine. Sophisticated.  Timeless. Grace Kelly’s fashion philosophy was simple — she invested in classic styles and wore them over and over again.  It’s the opposite of today’s fashion, and so much of what’s out there today.  In this age of excess and exhaustive trends, one of the easiest ways to stand out is by emulating Grace Kelly’s classic style.  If you are looking to add a little elegance to your wardrobe and emulate her timeless style here are our suggestions.

How to dress like Grace Kelly

Wardrobe Staples

“New Look” inspired fit and flare dresses like our Carmel which some argue was her signature silhouette during her years in Hollywood.

Tailored suits like our Frances and Sophia especially after she became the Princess of Monaco, but her green suit in Rear Window is a good example.

Minimalist separates typically in solid colors like our Audrey tops and Diana skirts for more casual days.


Red lipstick with a clean face



Oversized sunglasses 

And her signature white gloves, of course.


She knew what colors and silhouettes best flattered her, and always avoided anything too dramatic. She applied to same philosophy to her accessoriesShe rarely deviated from these accessories knowing that restraint can make a bigger statement than something overly bold.

It is this simplicity and restraint that makes Grace Kelly’s style undeniably timeless.

Though she only made five films and retired from Hollywood at twenty-six to become the Princess of Monaco, her enduring influence on fashion proves that elegance is, indeed, always in style.


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