The Power of Color

red power dress for corporate women

We all know that famous line from “The Devil Wears Prada” about the cerulean blue sweater, but there’s so much more to color.  It’s not just about picking your favorite color to wear.  There are thousands of books written on the psychology of color how it affects your behavior, and how you can manipulate others with the color that you wear.  When I was deciding to roll out Senza Tempo I always knew that the majority of the line would always be black — the research simply supports this as this is what most people buy no matter what they say they want. Black is chic, practical, goes with everything, generally doesn’t show the wrinkles.  It’s my favorite, too. When it came to the other styles, though, I wanted to create items that weren’t always as easy to find from other brands.  Here is a peek at the thought process of why I made what I made.

The perfect power red dress

Every woman needs one, but they aren’t always easy to find.  The Jackie is sleek, classic a style that’s been in style since Jackie Kennedy made it famous in the 1960s.  The princess seams, which you rarely see anymore because of how time consuming (read: expensive) they are to sew skim your body in a way so that the dress moves with you even though the fabric is quite structured.  Studies have shown repeatedly that athletes wearing red tend to win more frequently versus opponents wearing other colors and that wearing red has shown can make you seem more persuasive.  Color scientists theorize that it’s a subconscious effect of our initial “danger” response to the color red, and primes us for a more receptive attitude in the cool down period after.

The Jackie is the kind of dress that makes you stand a little taller, and in red you’ll no doubt be viewed as the most powerful woman in the room.

The effortless winter white tunic

We all have those days, when you have to dress up and you have to look nice, but you really want to be in a pair of pajamas.  The Brigitte in winter white, a color that’s flattering to pretty much any complexion and works in most any climate is the perfect dress for those days.  It gives you the feel of a comfy pair of silk pajamas (it’s lined in stretch silk charmeuse) with the elegance of your best dress.  There’s something about wearing white and winter whites that’s just so very luxe.  Most everyone has at least one go-to little black dress they can turn to (if not we have the Lawson and the Carmel if you are in the market) we wanted to make different neutral.

The universally flattering navy cocktail dress

Why there aren’t more cocktail dresses in navy is a mystery to me.  Navy blue is the most universally flattering shade for every complexion (more than white or winter white even) out there.  Black isn’t always the most flattering color.  Navy brightens them up.  Every time I wear the Lawson cocktail to an event, I’m always the only person there in a navy cocktail dress.  It’s a way to quietly standout with your style, which to me is the best way to stand out.

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