Traveling With The Laundress

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Looking chic on a long road trip for work is tough. It’s easy at the beginning when your clothing is fresh from the dry cleaners and ready to go, but after a few flights whether you are wearing them or they are wrapped up in a garment bag everything starts to look a little rumpled. Which is why we’re now offering a travel size bottle of The Laundress’ Crease Release with certain purchases.

The last ten months or so have been especially crazy travel wise for me. I’ve had more than a few trips that lasted 3-10 days with 4-5 flights. Most of the trips  my luggage space is dedicated to what I need for the trunk show, so my personal luggage is limited to one carry-on. I went from one city to the next and couldn’t send items out to the cleaners because I was wearing them or simply wasn’t there long enough. To say I was dependent on The Laundress Crease Release, steamers and sometimes a light iron for those hard wrinkles so that I didn’t look like a wrinkle bomb is an understatement. Most of the time, all I needed (or had time for) was a spray of the Crease Release, though, and I was good to go. I’m a long time user of Laundress products. I always travel with their Wash & Stain bar because I’m always over my liquids limit. At home, I can’t live without their Wool & Cashmere wash and spray for my sweaters and scarves. I use their Stain Solution to clean the silk linings of my jackets (which you can use to clean the silk linings of your Senza Tempo garments.) The list goes on.

I’ve talked about how travel friendly the silk jersey Audrey tops are made of and the Italian Virgin Wool that the Sophia, Frances and Brigitte are in social media and our Journal. There is a saved Instagram story on our profile showing you how easy the wrinkles fall out of these items with a steamer and a little spray of the the Crease Release. They are items made for women on the go. They aren’t treated with chemicals to be that way though. That’s the difference. They are luxury items made from ultra high quality natural fabrics.

They are items for executives who travel for work and have to look pulled together, whether they spent the night on the red eye before their meeting, or have been on the road for the last fourteen days. Executives who can’t (and would never) wear wrinkle-free microfiber clothing to work. Which is why I decided to start offering a free travel size of the Crease Release with orders over $250 that include one item from our Travel Friendly collection. I figured if I can’t live without it, my clients shouldn’t either.

Other travel tips:

  • Save the plastic from the dry cleaners and pack your items with that it will help minimize the wrinkles when folded in a garment bag.
  • I never travel without The Laundress’ Wash & Stain bar. I just keep it in my makeup case.
  • On long trips I always bring The Laundress’ travel size detergent — just in case.
  • I use the Stain Solution to spot clean the silk linings of my garments like Senza Tempo and Chanel jackets.
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