Stop Look and Listen To Your Heart (and Mind Before You Buy)

With fall around the corner, some people get so excited about what the new trends will be and what they’ll be buying for the fall. As always, we encourage you to think before you buy.  If you’ve followed us for a while you know that we love retro music here at Senza Tempo. I was listening to a little Motown the other night and some of the lyrics from Stop, Look and Listen (to your heart) struck me that it works for your wardrobe and trends.

Do you ever really love or just pretend

Why fool yourself

Stop, look

Listen to your heart, hear what it’s saying

So many people jump on the trend wagon even if when they don’t necessarily flatter them. Many of late have been flat out ugly. Does your heart really want you some overpriced garment, or poorly made item and that will be out of style or fall apart in a hot minute?

Think how many ways you’ll wear an item — we think how many ways you’ll wear before we produce. Think about how long it will last. Think about how it was made and where it was made and who made it. Look at the fabric content if there is anything polyester and it’s over $100 put it down — you are being ripped off. Polyester is plastic effectively.


Before you buy think about:

How versatile is the item?

Can it be dressed up or down?

Will I love this item for a long time?

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