The Original Jet Set Life

packing guide for women

Babe. Slim. C.Z. Their names alone evoke another time. A more elegant time. An era where time, money and champagne were plenty. These women followed each other around the world from one fashionable location to the other. From New York, to the Hamptons, down to Palm Beach, then over to Europe, with a trip the Caribbean somewhere in between to keep things interesting. It was a life of leisure and cocktails. One catalogued or satirized depending on your opinion in Truman Capote’s Answered Prayers. Regardless, their lifestyle continues to fascinate and inspire. They were on a permanent vacation. Imagine not having a schedule or deadlines, or to worry about how much you packed because someone else will be carrying your likely overweight bags everywhere. Ah…bliss.

Many of the locations are the same, but today’s jet set — the modern jet set are leading very different lives. The women I know jetting around the globe today are doing it for a very different reason. They aren’t following their husbands around, but pursuing their own careers and interests. Many are balancing this lifestyle with a family and less help than the original jet setters, thus an endless wardrobe is a burden not a blessing. I know many (myself included) that avoid checking bags under any circumstances.

I’ll be writing about the original swans over the coming weeks as the Modern Jet Set capsule collection launches.You can learn more about Marella Agnelli, Lee Radziwell, and Gloria Guiness. Though most of our lives are very different from theirs, there is something we can all learn from their style.

The new capsule collection is about making getting dressed and being chic easier for today’s jet setters, so that you are never fretting in your closet wondering what to pack. It’s about creating a grab and go selection of items.


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