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Color as a Wardrobe Neutral

Color as a Wardrobe Neutral

Any color can be considered a wardrobe neutral, it's all about your perspective and the rest of your wardrobe. Black, brown, navy, white — those are the traditional neutrals. They are trend-proof, flexible, seasonless, and multiply the number of outfits in your closet without needing new items. But if you want to create a bold look, without necessarily being that bold, try incorporating colors beyond these old standbys.

Neutral colors are personal.

Traditional neutrals are about their ability to go with a wide variety of other colors and items in your closet. A neutral is really what works for you, what suits your style, and what fits your wardrobe. Choose a color that best flatters your hair and skin tone, and purchase pieces in that color palette. For some women, aqua or red is as neutral as gray.

Choosing a capsule palette.

Sometimes wearing a color as a neutral is as practical as it is bold. Wearing pink as a neutral, for example, is far more comfortable than wearing black in the summer. A pink sweater in the dead of winter is like a breath of fresh air. Whether you combine the color with a traditional neutral or create an ensemble of color, the key is choosing ones that work with the rest of your wardrobe.

A simplified wardrobe doesn't have to be boring.

Creating a capsule wardrobe is all about simplifying your life. Incorporating color beyond the traditional neutrals can streamline your closet without needing to add a significant number of items. Our clients lead busy lives and are always looking for ways to save time, but they also love fashion. A wardrobe of black, beige, and cream simply isn't enough.