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How to Make Clothes Shopping Easier

How to Make Clothes Shopping Easier

Simple black skirts should be the easiest thing in the world to find. It's like the little black dress — one of the most ubiquitous fashion staples behind jeans and tee shirts. Before I launched Senza Tempo I couldn't find a simple, well-made, black A-line skirt that didn't break the bank. I found plenty of cheap options that fit poorly and would last maybe two wears before they started falling apart. The traditional designers were simply too expensive — I rode the subway — and one brand charged $2000 for a skirt lined in polyester (absurd).

A black A-line skirt is a go-to item in my wardrobe. I wear it all the time and with everything — with tee shirts for weekend lunches and a jacket for client meetings. It needed to be high-quality and fit well, but it also needed to be functional.

This was the dilemma that sparked my idea for Senza Tempo. I wanted to create a brand that consistently carried timeless silhouettes. Wardrobe basics that weren't so basic, but neutral enough to go with anything.

Shopping shouldn't be a chore, especially when you know what you want and what style best suits you. Most people have better things to do than search stores or sort through hundreds of options online trying to figure out how something will fit.