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Women's Workwear: Day to Night Outfits for Real Women

Women's Workwear: Day to Night Outfits for Real Women

Why is it that the most common advice out there on how to take an outfit from day to night is to simply swap my work bag for a sparkly clutch or heels? In all my years in the corporate world I never once changed into sparkly heels or carried an extra clutch bag. And I certainly wasn't going to leave my workbag at the office the way all the magazines suggested.

On Twitter, I often write about how fashion and fashion magazines are disconnected from the real world

Before launching Senza Tempo I worked long hours in investment management and on a trading desk on Wall Street. If I had a date or met friends after work, I went in whatever I wore to the office. Most of the time I was lucky to get out of the office on time and not miss dinner or drinks. I carried two cell phones and living in New York City there was always a pair of flats in my bag — I didn't have the room to carry additional evening accessories.

When trying to make an outfit work from day to night, it's more realistic to choose a dress or outfit that simply works for both. Choose a dress with a fabric that has a sheen to it, or a style that is a little more festive. Our Carmel and Lawson dresses are made with black silk wool that strikes that perfect balance. The silk elevates the wool and gives it just the right amount of sheen — it's on the dressy side, but doesn't look out of place in an office environment. The key to having an outfit that works for the office or out to dinner is wearing something where the style is simple and made with a fabric that works for day or night.