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Get the look: The Queen's Gambit Fashion

Get the look: The Queen's Gambit Fashion

Like so many, we're obsessed with the costumes from the Netflix series The Queen's Gambit. Here are a few ways to incorporate Beth Harmon's retro yet elegant style even when working from home. 


The Simple But Elegant Tee

Beth wears several version of a Courrèges inspired tee throughout the latter part of the series, something we particularly loved to see — items being reworn on screen like we all do in real life. The costume designer Gabriele Binder created custom tees with contrast trim to echo the chess board. The trim is similar to how we finish the edges of our Audrey and Marilyn tees. 

The key is upgrading the design and fabric to make a simple item feel a little more special — we use silk jersey and finish the edges with a double fold band that is attached separately rather than simply folding over the hem. It's the fabric that sets our tees apart and makes them far more versatile than your average white tee. It's an item that looks just as good with a pencil skirt as it does with track pants if you are working from home.


The A-line Dress

The A-line skirt is a hallmark of fifties and sixties fashion, that latter being the more feminine style while the Sixties were all about freedom and ease. In The Queen’s Gambit, Beth’s style progresses as she becomes more confident, and feels less constrained by society. The Costume designer noted that: Beth is a woman who likes to do things in her own way. 

What both of these eras have in common is the A-line skirt — a style that is all about ease. The fifties inspired styles she wears earlier in the series like our Diana and Carmel dresses, the sixties styles are more like the Lawson, Brigitte and Maria dresses. Regardless, both styles are forgiving and easy to move in unlike a pencil skirt. 

The Lawson and Maria styles being especially forgiving. The Lawson is a traditional trapeze style dress first introduced by Yves Saint Laurent in reaction to Christian Dior’s more restrictive, but ultra feminine "New Look" fit and flare style. he opened the waist so women could breathe, laugh, eat and drink. 

In the series, one of the swingyest dresses she wears is the green jersey dress with a bow around the neckline while she’s competing in Paris. It’s a style that looks exactly like our Jean, which is available made to order. But the Maria dress is just as forgiving and in stock. It’s our housedress, nap dress, sundress — it's the dress that can be whatever you want it to be. It’s made from a men’s cotton shirting material. It’s simple, light, easy to layer and timeless.

That is the genius behind the costume design in The Queen's Gambit, Beth's wardrobe looks as relevant today as it did in the 1960s