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Hybrid Work Life, Hybrid Wardrobe

Hybrid Work Life, Hybrid Wardrobe

Versatility has always been at the core of Senza Tempo's philosophy. We want all of our items to be worn for more than one situation, it's the only way to truly edit and slim down your closet. Having less stuff in our closets just makes life easier, and now many of our lives demand it. 

When you think about all the ways you’ll wear something before you’ll buy, you shop more responsibly naturally. Most women I know are trying to be better more conscious and sustainable shoppers. Getting the most out of every item we buy is the easiest way to do so, it’s how our grandmothers shopped and they were the original sustainable shoppers  

After a year of being cooped up with all of our things most of us have been left wondering how much we really do need? How can we make each item in our wardrobe do more — to break down the silos between our workwear and casual wear. Every Senza Tempo item has its own kind of versatility. Products whose style changes depending on the circumstances, and your own personal style. Our silk tees being one of the best examples of our versatility philosophy and most popular items.  

The Suzy tunic, which is made from deadstock men’s shirting material is polished enough to be worn to the office with your favorite pencil skirt or slacks, but it can also be worn as a more casual top especially if you size up for a more relaxed fit. The founder likes to pair with jeans or the Kelly shorts for warmer days. 

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