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Jackie Kennedy Onassis Casual Style: Relaxed Yet Refined

Jackie Kennedy Onassis Casual Style: Relaxed Yet Refined

No matter the occasion or time of year, there is always something we can learn from the first lady of style Jackie Kennedy Onassis. It was her time on the Mediterranean, in Italy or Greece that inspired some of our new casual items. They are still refined, just easier more relaxed. 

In the book, Jackie Style, author Pamela Keogh notes that: “Jackie had a magical, simple way of updating her clothes according to where she stood at a particular moment in her life.”

This year has made most of us rethink our wardrobe and even our overall relationship with clothing. What we can learn from Jackie’s casual style. 

When in doubt, stick with simplicity.

Google “Jackie Kennedy Onassis Summer Style” and you’ll see countless photos of Jackie in white jeans or pants, and simple colorful tops. Much like our Carole and Francois combo. Sometimes she adds a belt to complete the look, others its just a tee and pants, either way it’s effortless. 

jackie kennedy onassis summer style


Keep it light and easy.

Jackie escaped the American public eye and confines of being the former First Lady when she married Aristotle Onassis by spending much of her time on the Mediterranean. It’s a transition evident in her clothing. Gone were the structured lines like our Carmel dress, instead she opted for less constricting styles like our Maria housedress. Her style was relaxed yet refined.

Comfortable does not have to mean oversized.

We often think today that comfortable and casual clothing is oversized. Jackie’s clothing always fit. Her clothing never overwhelmed her — can you imagine trying to outrun the paparazzi wearing an oversized caftan? Most of the time she walked around barefoot for precisely that reason. Her wardrobe supported her lifestyle, it fit her lifestyle — which was a woman on the go — and it fit her body. The Suzy tunic should be comfortable, but it should fit properly. It's not a smock.