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Channeling Jackie O in the Modern Age

Channeling Jackie O in the Modern Age

When it comes to fashion icons, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, set the bar for All-American, classic, sophisticated, and chic personal style. Throughout the years, from a young debutante to her time in publishing, she favored timeless, tailored silhouettes, made with gorgeous fabrics.

The silk-wool we use was a favorite fabric of Jackie Kennedy's — likely because of how well it wears. One can sit for hours at a time without it wrinkling (note: we never treat our fabrics with any chemicals meant to keep clothing from wrinkling due to the environmental impact, the way these chemicals change the hand and feel of the fabric which is anything but luxe.)

An interesting collar, chic solid separates, and brightly colored dresses with clean lines are all hallmarks of the former first lady's personal style. She wore very few accessories throughout her life, her trademark oversized sunglasses being the most notable. But a scarf usually on her head, her Cartier watch that was a gift from her brother-in-law Stas Radziwell, and of course white gloves during her White House years. You rarely see her in anything printed. The hallmarks of what's popular on Instagram

Her enduring influence on fashion proves that, in the long run, less really is more if you want your wardrobe to age well.

If you want to learn more about her fashion and why we highly recommend the book, Jackie Style by Pamela Keogh. It's the most thorough biography that traces her style and life, and how her life influenced what she wore.

Key lessons on dressing like Jackie:

  • Keep it simple, always. Simplicity is the hallmark of her style
  • The tailor is your friend. Jackie's clothing always fit just so. They were never too tight and never oversized.
  • Invest in your basics — Jackie believed you can never have enough. Her wardrobe looked simple, but we know from stories it was vast. She was known to have stacks of jeans and tee shirts while married to Onassis who complained she was married to one of the richest men in the world, but all she wore was tee shirts and jeans.