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Kill the Clutter, Save the Environment

Kill the Clutter, Save the Environment

For most people, New Year’s resolutions are all about eliminating bad habits and creating healthier ones. It’s easy to look at our monthly budgets and see if we are spending too much on takeout or drinks with friends. It’s often less obvious how much we are wasting on clothing each year as purchases build up in our closets year after year. The average American throws away approximately 65 pounds of clothing away per person per year — a burden on our time, wallet and the environment.

Four steps to creating a better wardrobe

  1. Don’t just clean out your closet and throw out what you don’t wear or doesn’t give you joy.  Take inventory of what you currently own — what do you have too much of? What is your wardrobe missing? What do you wear most often and why?
  2. Take a look at your donation pile and figure out what drove those purchases to identify your shopping weakness. Wishful pieces or items that were “such a good deal” are responsible for 90% of items that end up in the donation pile. We don’t artificially inflate our prices knowing they will be marked down in order to move them. We price our garments fairly at the outset so our customers are always getting the best value for their money. It also helps clients decide what they truly want and need. We want you to buy less and wear our items more often. Our goal is to be your favorite items in your closet.
  3. Identify what you wear most and what styles best flatter your body. Commit to buying only what you really need and suits your personal style. Three timeless silhouettes anchor the Senza Tempo collection: the hourglass, the shift and the trapeze. These shapes fit a wide variety of body types and styles. We also keep the lines on all our garments deliberately simple to make it easier to alter. Comfort is the key to confidence when it comes to our clothing, but that doesn't have to mean spandex yoga pants. It's about creating clothing you can move freely in and makes you feel your best.
  4. Invest in high quality, versatile pieces you can wear over and over again. Buying pieces that can be styled in a variety of ways like our Diana skirt or Brigitte dress is the easiest way to kill the clutter in your wardrobe. One thing I've committed to doing this year is showing more style inspiration on Instagram Stories. If you aren't following us and looking for more ideas on how Senza Tempo fits with the rest of your wardrobe, follow us @senzatempostyle.

Approach shopping for clothing the way you would shop for a piece of art or a car.   Don’t just shop, curate your closet. 

Reducing consumption is the only path to sustainability. We're here to help.