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Seasonless Fashion: It Starts With the Fabric

Seasonless Fashion: It Starts With the Fabric

When it comes to shopping for wardrobe essentials, you can dress for the season, or try to build a more versatile closet filled with as many seasonless items as possible.

It's what's inside that counts.

What makes a garment seasonless? The outer fabric, of course, but the lining of a garment also matters and is the most important feature that determines its ability to span the seasons. Most brands line their garments with polyester or acetate. Both fabrics are and are effectively plastic derivatives — highly chemically processed with low moisture absorption. It isn't the wool that makes your gabardine suit too hot in July — it's the lining. At Senza Tempo, we use only 100% silk to line our garments. Silk absorbs moisture, which makes it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

When it's hot outside everyone immediately thinks of cotton and linen as the optimal fabrics, never thinking that the reason they are our go-to items for warm days is that they aren't often mixed with synthetic materials which tend to trap heat. Natural fabrics like cotton, silk, and wool are all breathable. Breathable fabrics absorb moisture. A lightweight merino wool dress will cool your body temperature better than a synthetic jersey because it helps transfer heat away from the body.

Silk linings are common in luxury ready-to-wear.

Our Brigitte dress is made with finely spun Italian virgin wool and lined with silk charmeuse with a touch of stretch. The charmeuse keeps the dress from being see-through and makes the dress feel like you are wearing your favorite pajamas. But it's the hint of Lycra in the outer fabric and the lining that perfects the fit. The bodice and the sleeves are narrow enough to pair it comfortably with your favorite blazer for client meetings in January, or alone with a pair of strappy stilettos for a night on the town come June.

We never sacrifice function for form at Senza Tempo. We make dresses that look good and feel good. Dresses that you can and want to wear throughout the year. Dressing for the season is out. Versatility is in and how fashion is moving forward.