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Twiggy Style: The 60's Style A-Line Shift Dress

Twiggy Style: The 60's Style A-Line Shift Dress

Christian Dior first introduced his A-line collection in 1955, an unfussy departure from his ultra-feminine New Look collection. Most fashion historians, however, cite Yves Saint Lauren as the creator of the Trapeze dress, the best-known A-line dress, in his 1958 collection for the House of Dior. Slimmer versions became synonymous with the mod style of the 1960s. Model Twiggy, née Lesley Lawson, and the face of London's swinging 60s was the inspiration for Senza Tempo's Lawson Trapeze A-line style dresses.

The dramatic and voluminous A-line silhouette Yves Saint Laurent created was groundbreaking at the time for its simplicity in construction. Precisely calculated darts and ironing helped realize the original Trapeze Line. We take a similar approach in our construction — two darts shape our Lawson dresses.

André Courrèges' streamlined space-age designs, influenced by modernism and futurism, produced some of the most memorable fashions. It was a time where the future, instead of the past, was more influential. It was also a period of newfound freedoms for women, both socially and sartorially.

The Lawson A-line trapeze dress is one of the three core Senza Silhouettes. The Lawson's clean lines and its universally flattering shape is as modern and relevant today as it was at its creation.