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Women's Workwear: A Uniform To Make Life Easier

Women's Workwear: A Uniform To Make Life Easier

There's no lack of commentary out there these days on how establishing a work uniform can improve your productivity or creativity since your mind can focus on more important tasks than deciding whether this shirt goes with that skirt. Business suits are meant to take away this concern, but wearing a traditional matched suit is as outdated as shoulder pads.

Many fashion lovers would say this isn't possible that it's boring, but it doesn't have to be. You can choose a uniform by color, or silhouette. One of the reasons Senza Tempo offers three core silhouettes is that we recognize that certain women prefer a fit and flare style dress, some the A-line trapeze dress and others the straight shift or sheath dress. We create clothing for the woman who knows what she wants and what works best for her style.

Diana Vreeland, formerly of Harper's Bazaar and Vogue, might have set the tone for what was and wasn't in style during her tenure as editor at those publications, but she rarely strayed from a uniform of black and navy sweaters and pencil skirts. Her shoes and hats changed over the years, but she stuck with the core silhouettes that flattered her shape and suited her style.

When you choose a base uniform for your clothing, it's also easier to mix up an outfit with your shoes, jewelry, or scarves. Even in the most conservative offices, you can get away with a bold scarf or shoe so long as it's coupled with a monochromatic ensemble or simple dress.