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Luxury Loungewear: A Vintage Inspired Capsule Wardrobe Staple

Luxury Loungewear: A Vintage Inspired Capsule Wardrobe Staple

Loungewear to wear to the office or while working from home. The best dressy sweatpants aren't really sweatpants at all but silk lounge pants — just with an elastic waist. They can be dressed up or down and will probably be one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe. 

Versatility is the key to creating the capsule wardrobe and is at the heart of our entire philosophy. The key to the Carole silk pants is using a stretch version of the fabric and the fit. The style is relaxed, but not oversized — they have polish to them.

Silk elevates any design, but it's also practical. Using it helps down the barrier between casual wear and workwear which is crucial to creating a more streamlined closet. When one tee shirt like the Marilyn I or one pair of pants like Carole can be worn in a variety of different situations, only then will you be able to truly slim down your closet.

The style was inspired by Hollywood Golden Age comedic actress, Carole Lombard. She was as beautiful as she was talented and funny, considered to be one of the definitive actresses of the screwball comedy genre of classic Hollywood cinema.

Comedy is often a very physical form of acting, one where the costumes require freedom of movement. She was a great fan of the outdoors — she and her husband Clark Gable owned a ranch in California where they hunted and hiked. Some consider her an early feminist as she was extremely outspoken and considered a straight shooter. She's often wearing wide-leg pants like the Carole in photos. It's a style you can move in, without ever sacrificing style.