The Paradox of Choice and Shopping Ease

retro style dresses

Our time is finite. People have more than ever to do and tools to help them, yet it seems like there’s fewer hours in the day than ever before. In 2004, Barry Schwartz argued for eliminating choices to reduce shopper’s anxiety in his bestseller The Paradox of Choice. He notes, “that happiness is affected by […]

A New Look At Sustainable Fashion

sustainable fashion

In 1947 Christian Dior changed fashion history with his “New Look” collection. It was in this collection he introduced the Corolle line, a new silhouette that celebrated the feminine form, what we now know as the fit-and-flare. Some fashion historians argue that part of its widespread appeal was related to pent up demand for feminine […]

Pockets — You Don’t Have to Choose Form Over Function

For all of the strides women have made when it comes to gender equality over the last hundred years the lack of pockets in ladies’ clothing is the one area where little progress has been made.  Often attributed to a design preference, because functional pockets create unnecessary bulges and women never want to have unnecessary […]

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