Shocking Schiaperelli

vintage scarf with roses and butterflies

“Bright, impossible, impudent, becoming, life-giving, like all the light and the birds and the fish in the world put together, a color of China and Peru but not of the West…” That was how Elsa Schiaperelli described her distinctive shade of “shocking pink” that she’s known for in fashion circles.  Her collaborations with leading artists […]

Balenciaga: The Master

balenciaga inspired ball skirt

No designer in history is as influential, enigmatic or reclusive as Cristobal Balenciaga. Christian Dior referred to him as “the master of us all.” Coco Chanel said he was “a couturier in the truest sense of the word, the rest of us are just fashion designers.”   The most colorful description of the famed designer came […]

The True Creator of the American Look

how to wear a scarf

Ask most people who was the creator of the “American Look” and they’d likely tell you Donna Karan, Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren. In reality fashion designer, Claire McCardell, created the fresh and casual often associated with American style.  Her deliberate simplicity and focus on practicality in her designs enabled mass production and thereby accessibly […]

Rear Window Style

grace kelly rear window style

Some watch Hitchcock films as much for the fashion as they do for the mystery, Rear Window (1954) is no exception. Grace Kelly’s wardrobe in this film, designed by Edith Head and like most Hitchcock films, is central to the story.  Hitchcock understood the power of clothing and it’s ability to evoke or trigger certain […]

The First Lady of Style: Jackie Kennedy

first lady style

“Elegance is refusal,” Coco Chanel famously said. When it comes to fashion icons, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, set the bar for classic minimalist personal style.   Throughout the years, from a young debutante to her time in publishing, she favored timeless, tailored silhouettes made with gorgeous fabrics.  Dresses and tops with interesting collar and brightly colored dresses with clean lines are […]

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