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Senza Tempo Timeless Fine Fashion

Made in Los Angeles

Senza Tempo is made in downtown Los Angeles. A single atelier creates our patterns, samples and handles our production. This efficiency is crucial to creating superior, quality fashion.

Los Angeles is the largest garment manufacturing hub in the United States. We use as many local suppliers that meet our standards to help naturally lower our environmental footprint.

Learn more about how we think about sustainability and our efforts to help create a more responsible fashion industry through our activism and thought leadership.

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Luxury Lounge & Casual Wear

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The Math of Sustainable Fashion

Versatility + Quality = Longevity =  True Sustainable Fashion

Sustainability is not about the latest buzzword or a checklist. It’s about buying less and buying better which requires timeless design and quality construction. It's how fashion operated for decades.

From our vintage inspired classic styles to natural seasonless fabrics, every detail matters in order to create truly versatile and timeless American fashion. It's about creating investment pieces to live in your wardrobe forever.

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Our Philosophy

No one ever looked at a photo of Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy and thought: what was she thinking wearing that outfit?” 

— Kristen Fanarakis, Founder, Senza Tempo. 

Timeless fine luxury fashion for modern women.

Classic styles. Superior quality. These details were once standard in fashion, but are now rare.

At Senza Tempo, we believe the future of fashion — sustainable, responsible fashion should look to the past. For both style inspiration and in its edited, seasonless approach to creating collections.

We create investment pieces to live in your wardrobe forever, that you’ll love for years to come.

Studies show that buying less is better than buying "green" for your happiness and for the planet.

We don’t believe in empty green buzzwords, we can show you our values when it comes to sustainability by creating the highest quality, timeless American made luxury clothing. 

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What Luxury Means to Senza Tempo

Luxury is used rather freely today, but it's something we don't take lightly at Senza Tempo. We offer a limited collection specifically so that we can provide superior quality fashion and base our production in the U.S. The fashion industry doesn't need another sub-par, trendy or “sustainable” brand whose strategy depends on the latest buzzword.

Read our Journal entries, visit our social media. We talk extensively about what makes a Senza Tempo garment a superior product, and the insides of our garments because quality starts on the inside. It’s not about the label. It's also the most transparent thing we can do in today's complex fashion world.


A consistent selection of versatile, elevated wardrobe essentials in timeless styles to make shopping easier for busy women.


We price our garments fairly at the outset. We'll host the occasional promotion, but you will never find a sixty percent off sale because we do not over-inflate our prices.


Senza Tempo is fully owned and funded by the founder. As an ex-Wall Streeter, she knew involving outside investors would force her to sacrifice quality for growth.

The founder left Wall Street to build a different kind of brand, one built on traditional values and a more traditional business model that focuses on creating less. The industry needs brands willing to be a voice for change, and independence is crucial to being this voice.


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Only the Finest Natural Fabrics Will Do: A Practical Luxury

The finest natural fabrics are essential to creating a true classic luxury fashion garment. Whether we buy deadstock or directly from a European mill, we only choose the most luxurious fabrics that will endure.

Research has shown that natural fabrics like silk and wool, which comprises over 60% of our collection, are more durable and last longer in our wardrobe. 

Using silk linings is a detail that is as luxe as it is practical. Silk adjusts to your body temperature, warming you in the winter and cooling you in the summer — an essential feature when creating the perfect seasonless wardrobe.

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