Made in L.A.


High quality fashion requires skilled, ethical production.
It is about the garment and the conditions of the people who make them — both are difficult to monitor when companies produce on the other side of the world or even across the Atlantic in Europe.
The same atelier in downtown Los Angeles manufactures our samples and production garments. This streamlined manufacturing process is a rare setup in fashion, but a system that gives us superior quality control over our garments.
Better quality benefits our clients. Domestic manufacturing benefits all Americans. It also helps naturally lower our carbon footprint since we can source many fabrics and notions from the greater L.A. garment network of suppliers. Los Angeles is the largest garment manufacturing center in the United States.
The brand's founder is an economist originally from North Carolina. She understands the impact of offshoring on a local economy and wanted to do her part to bring manufacturing back to the U.S. when launching Senza Tempo.
She has been an active part of the Garment Worker Center's campaign in California to pass a bill to stop wage theft in the garment industry.
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