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  • We often get the questions - why don't you sell through a store and why don't you put anything on sale?  We sell direct and exclusively on our website so that we can provide a luxury quality garment without the luxury markup. When there's a middleman like a boutique and department store there is an extra layer of markup.  That's how so many brands can always offer coupons and other promotions - their full price is inflated to account for the eventual "sale." We sell our items for the best price at the outset. We we don't mark our items down after so many weeks (though for most brands it seems like it's every week.). We will however host a very limited promotion for first time clients later this summer --> sign up for our newsletter for details (don't worry - our inboxes are overloaded, too - we only write once a month!) ⬆️LINK IN PROFILE
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  • Most clothing companies today are in a race to churn out something new for you to buy every week. Little thought is given to the garment. There's nothing special about them really - not in the way vintage clothing was made where designers truly thought about their customer their needs and sometimes tried to find small details to delight the wearer.  This forgotten practice is something we infuse in every Senza Tempo garment. Our pattern maker calls them "the little secrets" - like contrast linings that peek out from under your skirt when you cross your legs.  Or ensuring the pocket is large enough for a woman's hand and placed correctly so that it's comfortable for you (that they are deep enough for the iPhone Plus is merely a bonus.) #thoughtfuldesign #designedforapurpose #slowfashion  #30wears #vintageinspo #vintagemodern

Less Is More: The New Luxury Standard

Timeless styles, the finest seasonless fabrics, European-style tailoring and vintage details characterize our collections of classic versatile wardrobe essentials.  We sell direct to our clients so that we can provide a luxury quality garment that’s made in America without the luxury markup.  The modern woman expects nothing less.  This is the new luxury standard.