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  • Spring cleaning tip: If you want to buy less (buy better, of course) but also understand what makes an item versatile. Our Italian virgin wool twill, that our Frances and Sophia is made of, is a mid weight fabric you can wear throughout the year. They are lined in silk, a detail that's as luxe as it is practical.  It's not the wool that makes you sweat in your suit in June and July - it's that it's likely lined in acetate which is a plastic derivative (yes, polyester is like wearing a garbage bag.) #buylessbuybetter #buyamerican #whomademyclothes #fashrev #madeinla
  • Walk-in closets are the norm in most homes today (and a big detractor if they don't!) But once upon a time we only bought what we needed...and our closets didn't need to have the square footage of some Parisian apartments 😉#buylessbuybetter #qualityoverquantity #sustainablefashion #capsulewardrobe #1950sfashion
  • Do you know who made your clothes? Quality clothing doesn't happen by chance and it isn't cheap. Our factory workers are paid by the hour NOT by the number of items they can complete in an hour - the way that most (especially foreign) garment factories operate (i.e. No wonder our clothing doesn't last very long.) Quality takes time and most importantly skill. #madeinamerica #madeinla #shopmindfully #shoplocal #sustainablefashion #fashionrevolution #garmentworkers #whomademyclothes
  • It's #fashionrevolution week.  A week that commemorates the Rana Plaza factory collapse where consumers are encouraged to ask their brands for greater transparency and #whomademyclothes ?  We make our clothing at a fully licensed factory in downtown Los Angeles not only because the conditions are safe, highly regulated thus ethical (and better for the US economy); but because they are simply better.  True artisans and craftsman construct the Senza Tempo collections - they are paid by the hour NOT by the number of garments they can complete in a hour.  You simply cannot get a quality garment from fast fashion company.  They are made effectively by child and slave labor - there is no pride in exploitation.  Producing a quality garment IS a matter of pride. #buyamerican #buylessbuybetter #shoplocal #shopmindfully #madeinla #madeinamerica #sustainablefashion #garmentworkers #craftsmanship #qualityoverquantity @fash_rev @ecoage
  • Senza Tempo might have European style tailoring, but we're made in downtown Los Angeles. Buy less. Buy better. Buy American. #madeinla #madeintheus #madeinamerica #americanmade #qualityoverquantity #capsulewardrobe #sustainablefashion

The New Luxury Standard

Timeless silhouettes, the finest fabrics, European-style tailoring and vintage details characterize our collections of versatile wardrobe essentials.  By selling direct to our clients we can provide luxury quality garments that are made in America without the luxury markup.  The modern woman expects nothing less.  This is the new luxury standard.