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Sustainability Lies In Simplicity

At Senza Tempo, we believe in a value over volume approach to how you shop and dress. By creating items you value, we help women buy less and buy better — that is how to shop more sustainably.

From design to domestic production, every step matters.

We believe in collections, not seasons and never trends.

It's about creating versatile, timeless garments that live in your closet forever. That is sustainable.

Using only natural fabrics, including silk linings, further decreases our environmental impact and creates more comfortable long lasting garments.

Nearly $500 billion dollars is lost each year due to the underutilization of clothing or lack of recycling. 

Buy less. Buy better. Make it last. That is sustainable.

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Philosophy — Less is More

Classic styles. Superior quality. These details were once standard in the fashion industry, but are now rare.

At Senza Tempo, we’re changing that.   

We use only the finest natural fabrics, including silk linings. This helps our timeless garments better span the seasons. This increases their versatility and is crucial to our buy less, buy better philosophy. 

Every garment is made at a single atelier in downtown Los Angeles which ensures strict quality control.

Senza Tempo is available exclusively on our website, so that we can provide luxury quality clothing at a lower price than traditional designer brands.

Studies have shown that buying less is better than buying "green".  You can find a link to the study with our sustainability practices.

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Retiring Styles

Please note: we do not host regular sales. Retiring styles are marked down, but we aim to price our garments fairly at the outset and so markdowns will only be modest. This is how true luxury operates and we aim to provide a truly luxurious product.

We offer a discount for first time buyers and occasionally offer coupons for follow-up orders.

We also retire items slowly in order to help women shop more efficiently. We understand the frustration of looking for "just a simple black dress" or "timeless skirt" and not being able to find it. We always want you to be able to find these wardrobe essentials at Senza Tempo.

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Only the Finest Natural Fabrics Will Do: A practical luxury

Using natural fabrics is essential to creating a superior garment.

Natural fabrics last longer than synthetics and are breathable.

The silk linings of our garments is a detail that is as luxe as it is practical. 

Silk adjusts to your body temperature, warming you in the winter and cooling you in the summer.

This detail helps are our garments better span the seasons or when you are traveling from one climate to another.

Every garment is worn and tested by the founder before entering production.

The founder regularly travels from the East to West Coasts of the U.S. where the temperature can vary significantly. This detail helps you reduce the size of your closet and suitcase when traveling.

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What Luxury Means to Senza Tempo

Luxury is word batted around quite often today, but it's something we don't take lightly at Senza Tempo.

We take a traditional approach to luxury. 

Read our Journal entries, visit our social media. We talk extensively about what makes Senza Tempo a superior product.


Senza Tempo is fully owned and funded by the founder. As an ex-Wall Streeter, she knew involving venture capitalists too early would force her to sacrifice quality for growth. But the market doesn't need another sub-par or trendy brand. She left Wall Street to build a brand she believed in.


Like our European style tailoring and using only the finest fabrics, including silk linings.


We're a brand made entirely in the same factory in Los Angeles from sampling to production.  By skilled artisans who have spent years honing their craft.


A consistent selection of versatile elevated wardrobe essentials timeless styles for greater shopping ease for busy women who know what they want.


We price our garments fairly at the outset. We'll host the occasional promotion, but you will never find a sixty percent off sale because we priced our items properly to begin with.


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Why We're Made in America

It's about quality and ethics, two things that are hard to monitor if your manufacturer is on the other side of the world.

We use the triple bottom line method to guide all of our decision making, examining the financial, social and environmental costs. 

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Coffee to Cocktails

Our garments work for day or night. It's the only way to slim down your closet.

Buy less. Buy better.

Sustainability is about versatility

Buy less and buy better. Science has shown you'll be happier that way.

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Elegance is always in style™

Senza Tempo's founder spent her career on Wall Street in trading prior to launching the brand. 

She wanted to create a collection of timeless wardrobe essentials for the busy, modern, elegant woman. 

Time is our only luxury in life.

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