What Luxury Means To Senza Tempo

Luxury is quality — like our European style tailoring and using only the finest fabrics, including silk linings.

Luxury is craftsmanship — we're a brand made entirely in the same factory in Los Angeles from sampling to production.  By skilled artisans who have spent years honing their craft.

Luxury is ease — a consistent selection of versatile elevated wardrobe essentials timeless styles for greater shopping ease for busy women who know what they want.

Luxury is never artificially inflating prices — we price our garments fairly at the outset.  We'll host the occasional promotion, but you will never find a sixty percent off sale because we priced our items properly to begin with.

Classic Elegance for the Modern Woman.

Classic styles and superior quality were once standard in the fashion industry, but now rare as most brands sacrifice quality for trends.

We believe in collections, not seasons and never trends.

Our goal is to provide a luxury quality garment that's made in America without the excessive luxury markup.

This is the new luxury standard.

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