Audrey Hepburn — Style at any age

Audrey Hepburn — Style at any age

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Why does Audrey Hepburn's style endure? I would argue it's because she never strayed from her simple, sophisticated style— even as she aged. She was a style icon in the truest sense of the word. She wasn't styled in the way stars are today. What she wore was her style it was authentic. In Audrey's day, stars collaborated with costume designers and directors to decide on their wardrobe for a film. Eva Marie Saint shopped for her costumes for North by Northwest with Alfred Hitchcock at Bergdorf Goodman. Audrey purchased her own couture from Givenchy was a style icon on screen and off throughout her life. I believe it's because even in her roles 

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." — Leonardo da Vinci

Many of us take style cues from the latest trends, which may result in a look that doesn't reflect our true personal style or doesn't flatter our shape. Audrey's style changed with the times wearing fuller skirts in the 50s and then later embracing 60s mod fashion. But she had a minimalist approach to fashion before minimalism was trendy. If you examine photos you'll notice she rarely wears any jewelry. She doesn't add a scarf unless it has a purpose. 

Have a signature style

The key element to Hepburn's style is that she understood what flattered her body. Tall and thin with a dancers' body, she opted for elegant silhouettes that skimmed her slight frame and showcased her swan-like neck. In Charade, she wore wide, face-framing necklines. In Funny Face, the black turtleneck is one of the best-known outfits. If you look at photos of her throughout the years, you'll notice she almost always showcases her neck in some way. You'll rarely see her wearing a basic crew neck tee shirt. Instead, it's a button-down with the collar popped.

It's about dressing in a way that makes you feel most confident. Her clothing was fitted, but never tight. It skimmed her body. This is a crucial lesson: when you purchase items that fit and flatter your body, they'll actually be worn instead of sitting in the hopeful section of the closet.

Elegant casual is possible

Audrey's casual style was far from the athleisure most of us wear these days. She often wore capris with flats, crisp button-down shirts with scarves, or midi-length dresses to maintain her ladylike look. Her style reminds us that casual clothing can be elegant.

Unlike today, where celebrities borrow or are given clothing, she bought and owned most of what she wore. She was committed to each piece she bought, and she paid for her couture. So every item was carefully considered. My favorite quote is how she said Givenchy blouses made her feel protected. 

Though she passed away nearly 20 years ago, women of all ages continue to look to Audrey Hepburn for style inspiration, but we can learn so much more from her than how to wear a little black dress.

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