About Senza Tempo

Timeless Fashion & Modern Luxury

Beyond The Little Black Dress: Why I created Senza Tempo 

Modern women need more than a little black dress when it comes to wardrobe staples. They need a wardrobe that works as hard as they do. Time is our only luxury in life. Too many brands have sacrificed quality for trends in recent years — even at the high end and what was once considered fine fashion brands.

I launched Senza Tempo because I felt there needed to be a classically inspired fine luxury women's clothing brand making wardrobe essentials that were refined, but not boring. I wanted to create American-made clothing that was well-made and more accessibly priced than the well-known high-end, designer brands. I wanted to create a classically inspired collection that would live in a closet forever to help women build a more mindful closet.

All of this means that quality comes first which is why Senza Tempo is made entirely in Los Angeles, California. The same atelier creates our patterns, samples, and production items — a very rare setup in the fashion industry. This uncompromising commitment to quality fashion is also why the brand is fully owned and funded by me. Allowing VC or other outside investors ran the risk of forcing me to compromise and cut quality or ethics for short-term profits. Something I refuse to do.

I want to create clothing women love and that will live in closets for decades. And also to make a life a little easier when it comes to shopping.