Upcycling Ideas

Renew. Revive. Repair. Reuse. That's Sustainable Fashion.

Getting the most out of what we buy and own is the most sustainable thing we can do as consumers. Brands need to create better quality products that will last longer, a topic we've written about extensively and post on social media about regularly.

This book is meant to inspire readers to find ways to extend the life of what they already own through repair, revival and reinvention.

Reusing and wearing our garments as frequently as possible is the most impactful step when it comes to reducing fashion's environmental footprint according to various studies. Every time you wear a garment, you lower its impact. 

Proper garment care and learning how to repair and revive an old style is the most powerful step consumers can take towards being a more conscious consumer. It doesn't require adjectives or certifications — playing Buzzword Bingo — but actions. 

We hope you are inspired.