90s Fashion: The Iconic Great Expectations Green Look

90s Fashion: The Iconic Great Expectations Green Look

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A timeless wardrobe is an iconic wardrobe. The minimalist style of 90s fashion inspires so much of Senza Tempo's design and the iconic green look in Great Expectations from 1998 is no exception. Every Senza Tempo item comes from a style icon from real life or the silver screen. The Estella skirt is no different. The 1998 film "Great Expectations" features a green skirt and cardigan ensemble by Donna Karan worn by Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the most iconic looks from 1990s fashion that still resonates today. 

 It's one of those outfits that I remember that made me love the monochrome look even when it wasn't all black. This look is probably one reason I look to create so many ensembles for Senza Tempo today like the Pat and Claire I — because finding them can be so hard to find.

The Estella is a midi length instead of a maxi skirt. This was done out of practicality. You still get the long, lean, streamlined look without having to get it altered to fit your height as one often has to do with a full maxi style to get it just right. I wanted to make this style easy without losing that sleek, minimalist 90s fashion vibe.

I added a front split for ease of movement and for aesthetics — it just makes the style a little sexier. The front split also references a famous cream-colored dress worn by Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. It takes more time to sew to incorporate this type of detail, but I felt it increased the versatility of the skirt to make it breezier in the warm summer months. Yet in the fall, you can pair it and show off your high boots. You can opt for a pair of chunky sandals like Gwyneth wears in the film for a full 90s retro look.

The skirt is part of the Four Piece Flexible Wardrobe Capsule of the heavier weight deadstock micro modal, along with the Pat tunic, Claire I pant, and Marisa dress. It's the perfect capsule set for when you are ready to jet off somewhere. The fabric is lightweight and packs perfectly. It just needs a steam and spray of wrinkle release and it's ready to go when you are.

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