Get the Look: Grace Kelly's Rear Window Style

Get the Look: Grace Kelly's Rear Window Style

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Some watch Hitchcock films as much for the fashion as they do for the mystery, Rear Window (1954) is no exception. Grace Kelly’s wardrobe in this film, designed by Edith Head and like most Hitchcock films, is central to the story.  Hitchcock understood the power of clothing and its ability to evoke or trigger certain emotions. The wardrobe for Hitch’s heroines was just as important as the setting and cinematography to tell the story — and just as memorable.  Over sixty years have passed since Rear Window was released, yet like so many other Hitchcock films, it still inspires fashionistas around the globe.

  1. The focus should be on the woman, never the clothes:  The black and white New Look inspired dress, despite its glamour, doesn’t detract from Grace Kelly’s beauty in this scene with it’s ultra flattering face-framing neckline.
  2. Sometimes the simplest outfit is the most memorable:  One of the most famous costumes in film history is the eau de nil suit and white silk halter neck. The clean figure flattering lines and rich color isn’t showy, but subtly sexy and timeless.
  3. Never underestimate the power of gorgeous pajamas:  It would be impossible not to feel utterly glamorous and sexy in this white silk and chiffon nightgown.

Photo is a new jacket inspired by the green suit her character, Lisa-Carol, wears in the film.

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