Unsung Style Icons  — Beyond Jackie and Audrey Style

Unsung Style Icons — Beyond Jackie and Audrey Style

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Most of us know the classic style icons like Jackie, Audrey, or anyone French. Countless books have been written about all of them. But what about the matter of fact chicness of Joan Didion’s austere practical style or Diahann Carroll’s supreme elegance? What can we learn from Lucille Ball’s signature accessory later in life: the lunchbox style purse? What can Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels teach us about emotional durability when it comes to creating a more sustainable wardrobe? These and many more unsung style icons can teach us about style, how to streamline your wardrobe, how to cultivate a signature style and how to create a wardrobe that serves your lifestyle.

Style, all who have it share one thing — originality.

Diana Vreeland

Great style should inspire — like Shirley Chisolm’s bold graphic prints. If done well you can take the elements of those who resonate with you and interpret them as your own. Zelda Fitzgerald is typically remembered as the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald and the inspiration behind most of the women he wrote about, but she's also often cited as the first flapper — a style that endures and inspires still today. These women are all style icons in their own way even if they aren't the first women to come to mind when we think about great style.

Are the unsung style icons the true individuals?

What was going to be a month-long social media campaign will now extend beyond that as we explore the unsung style icons. We’ll be exploring this concept of unsung style icons in our blogs and on social media highlighting the icons that have inspired us in various ways. 

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